July 2, 2011

Earth Benighted: the Seven New Gods

These are the newly-arisen gods of the Benighted Earth.  Are they alien beings from Beyond?  Dark reflections of man’s collective unconscious?  Corrupted manifestations of Gaia? Who knows.

from Salammbo, by Philippe Druillet

Azhraloth is the Gate of the Abyss, the tittering insane keeper of magical lore, he who unlocks the mysteries of magic and tempts men with the promise of arcane power.  Azhraloth drives his agents to write down the mysteries he reveals, then betrays them to make sure the forbidden knowledge is disseminated thus drawing more men into the corrupting practice of the dark arts.

Ferros Karnifex is the Metal Lord, patron of those who fashion infernal machinery powered by blood and petrol.  He delights in the building of grandiose monuments, cities, and palaces, and the creation of machines for warfare.  Basically, he delights in excessive consumption and ambition.

Haemogorgos is the Vampire King, patron of those who feed on blood and terror.  His gift to mankind is the vampirism virus, which turns humans into bloodsucking vampires if bitten but not killed by a vampire.  His greatest delight is terror.

Hekate is the Dark Seductress, the temptress who leads her followers into ever more depraved excesses of cruelty and lust, in exchange for power over other human beings; she is one of the main goddesses worshipped in the cities.

Asmodai is the Scourge of Fire, patron of war, slavery and genocide.  he incites men to savagery against each other, giving victory to the most ruthless.

Voraxos is the Glutton, who delights in the plunder and desolation of Gaia's wilderness.  He is the patron of hunters, fishermen, miners and ultimately of merchants, he drives men to profit off the despoliation of nature and off each other.  Thus he is widely worshipped as a god of good fortune and money.

Necromagos is the Raiser of the Dead, the mad god whose delight is in raising the newly dead as mindless hungry zombies to spread yet more death and destruction.  Necromagos' delight is in death and desolation - the annihilation of life.


  1. Interesting stuff! Where'd the art come from?

  2. Philippe Druillet's Salammbo, from Heavy Metal magazine.


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