June 17, 2011

Hari Ragat: Levels of Play

I’ve been trying to cross-index player preferences, as observed from reviews of other RPG products and commments on preferred levels for play in D&D, vis a vis my design for Hari Ragat.  Here’s something interesting that caught my eye: it seems quite a few players like playing in the mid-to-low levels.

How to map this to Hari Ragat? I’m thinking of giving playes and GMs a choice between 3 different levels of play: Mythic, Epic, and Heroic.


  • Mythic characters all possess extraordinary abilities; they will perform rather more like fantasy wuxia or superhero characters;

  • Mythic characters may die only at the player’s choosing – this guarantees a fittingly ‘glorious’ and dramatic death;

  • Mythic games will focus on magical quests, encounters with the gods and diwatas, and creating or shaping a legacy – I’ll probably set such games very early in the history of the Vijadesans.


  • Epic characters have lesser or no extraordinary abilities, though spiritual power (Baraka) will remain an important aspect of play;

  • Epic characters live or dice as the dice decide; however with a high supply of Baraka death is less likely unless the player deliberately courts it for his character;

  • Epic games focus on grandiose undertakings – war, the founding of new settlements, great journeys, and so on. 


  • Heroic games correspond to lower-level play in D&D;

  • Heroic characters have no extraordinary abilities, and Baraka is limited in supply;

  • Heroic characters live or die as the dice decide;

  • Heroic games focus on adventuring within and for the immediate community, with a smaller scale of action – destroying local threats like aswang, investigating crimes, fighting off raids, and so on.

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  1. interesting -- "levels" of play in RPGs does tend to also shape the style of gameplay for the campaign.


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