June 12, 2011

Hari Ragat: Battle Feats

Now that I’m on the subject of Vijadesan warfare, here’s a list of daring deeds a player character may attempt for Glory.  I’m hoping this can help the players and GM envision the epic-heroic nature of Vijadesan warfare and spur the players into narrating acts of magnificent madness for their characters!

Pledge a Feat
You gain additional Glory for pledging to perform a specified heroic deed in battle to your sovereign, to your wife or betrothed or to a maiden you are courting, or to your comrades.
You gain this bonus Glory only on accomplishing the feat, in addition to the Glory for the feat itself. The pledge must be very specific, and if it involves slaying or capturing a foe, the foe must be named and of heroic rank equal to or greater than your own.

Other heroes (i.e. your fellow players) are honor-bound not to interfere with or try to pre-empt your pledged feat.  For example if you pledge the first kill of the battle, it’s a point of honor not to attack untl you’ve made your attempt.

Heroic Cast
You run out in front of the shield line, exposing yourself to massed missile fire from the enemy, to shoot or throw a missile.  A glorious act if you actually hit and injure or kill an enemy, specially if you hit a hero.  It is considered even more awesome if the range is longer than considered effective for your weapon – your extreme prowess should inspire fear in the enemy!
First Kill
You gain additional Glory if you make the first kill of the battle.  This is the impulse for warriors to take mad risks in running before the shield line to make a cast, and in charging the enemy at a dead run.

Call Out a Champion
You call out an enemy champion to a one-on-one fight.  The duel will be held in the no-man’s zone in between the battle lines. Aside from the enemy hero himself, other dangers you could face include:
  • A sudden charge by the enemy;

  • A treacherous volley of missiles when your back is turned to the enemy;

  • Your foe lures you or forces you into reach of the enemy line;
Take a Head
You encounter an enemy warrior of note and slay him; if you can take his head and get it back to your line, you and your people will gain his spiritual power.  His comrades of course will try to prevent this.

Recapture a Head
A comrade has fallen and the enemy have taken his head.  All is not yet lost, however, for the enemy will not benefit from the trophy until they have properly dedicated it to their ancestor spirits.  You must recapture the head for a proper hero’s funeral!

Rescue a Comrade
A comrade has been stricken and is no longer able to defend himself.  You gain Glory for fighting the enemy away from him, preventing them from taking his head, and getting him back to safety.

Capture a High-Ranked Foe
You defeat and capture a high-ranking warrior of the enemy.  This gains you not only Glory, but the prospect of a Wealth-boosting ransom.  Custom dictates that you receive four-fifths of of your captives’ ransoms, while your immediate superior receives the remaining fifth. 

Act of Mercy
After defeating an opponent, you show mercy by refusing to slay him or take his head, and set him free.  This is an act of compassion and generosity worthy of Glory in itself, but your Datu or Rajah may consider it an act of foolishness – you not only failed to capture or destroy an enemy, you deprived yourself and your sovereign of his ransom!

Mag-Sabil Rite
You undertake the ritual vow of the Mag-Sabil, gaining spiritual power in exchange for your pledge not to survive the coming battle.  You must fight without armor, wearing only the ritual white garments of the Mag-Sabil, and take the battle to the enemy in such a way as to assure your character’s death.  This gains your character a heap of Glory, and in addition cancels all your outstanding debts and any stains on your honor.

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