May 19, 2011

Creatures of Syrene: Arcurean Dragon

Arcurean dragons are lesser dragons that can reach up to 30 feet in length.  Like all of dragonkind their bodies are serpentine, with four short legs, a long neck, long tail, and a head adorned with fin-like crests and horns.  Their scales are usually of dull green and bronze hues. Arcurean dragons prefer an inland habitat with plenty of forest cover, where they hunt prey using their powers of illusion and their flaming venom.

An Arcurean dragon can mask its presence through illusion, and make a natural feature such as a freshwater spring seem more attractive to its intended prey.  When prey comes close enough the dragon lets loose with a blast of flaming venom, which usually cripples or kills the victim outright. 

Arcurean dragons are sometimes called “vanishing” dragons because of a little-known power: when they sleep, which they do for days on end after a meal, they shapeshift into the form of a local lizard, no more than a foot long.  The lizard has none of the powers of the dragon, but it can transform back if awakened.  If caught sleeping in lizard form, though, it can be killed with a single blow of even a mere stick.  Nevertheless, this ability has made the Arcurean a difficult dragon to deal with, as it can lair anywhere and appear out of nowhere only to vanish again when hunted.

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