April 5, 2011

Creatures of Syrene: Eldfish

Eldfish are supernaturally beautiful fish with scintillating colors that are actually sea spirits in mortal form, favorites of the goddess Syreis.  No two eldfish look exactly alike, which can make then challenging to identify; they will often be mistaken for unusually grand specimens of some other kind of game fish. They normally have nothing to do with man, but having the instincts and appetites of fish they can sometimes be caught by nets or hooks.  They are intelligent, but usually cannot speak. 

Freeing an accidentally caught eldfish will bring good luck, but killing it or eating its flesh will bring down a curse: the offenders must give up all their Fate, or be transformed into fish overnight.  The curse or blessing will only affect those directly involved in catching, killing, preparing and eating the eldfish.  The only cure for the curse is to make offerings of reparation in a temple of Syreis, and bathe the victim in the temple’s moon-reflecting pool. If freed, however, a caught eldfish will give either 5 Fate or reveal a useful, interesting secret such as the location of a treasure.

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