March 22, 2011

Vivid 3.0: Representing Species

Even in a human-centric fantasy or science fiction game, there will always be the player who wants to play some kind of alien species.  Elves. Half-orcs. Vulcans. Twi’lek.

Now, my eyes always glaze over when I look at the D20 stat blocks for creating an alien character, so I want something much simpler for Vivid. The answer I think is in this simple template:

Attach the species/race/culture name to your main occupation Trait.  For example, in an Arthurian campaign you could make a French Knight, in a high fantasy campaign you could have an Elven Ranger of Somethingmoon Forest.

There may be required or suggested Assets for you to buy with your allotment of 10 Asset Dice.  You may even be allowed to buy up an Asset to a higher than normal rating.

Of course, doing so will leave you with less for other stuff, balancing out your access to these nifty things with lessened spending power. For example, you might be able to buy Natural Armor, which can ‘stack’ protection with worn armor.

There may be required or suggested Hooks for your chosen race/species/culture.  For example, Felyrans in the Sea Rovers of Syrene setting are supposed to be Afraid of Deep Water.

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