March 30, 2011

Hari Ragat: Reasons for Voyaging

The Vijadesan people enjoy one of the most bountiful environments that can be imagined: a lush tropical paradise wherein the jungles are full of fruits and game, the seas full of fish, the climate so mild clothes are practically unnecessary all year round. So why risk voyaging? Many reasons, if you’re a member of the Orang Dakila warrior caste. Roll 1d6:

  1. Raiding
  2. Courting a noble maiden
  3. Answering a plea for help
  4. Diplomatic mission
  5. Quest for magic
  6. Exploration and pioneering

Then add details:

  1. What’s the specific objective?
  2. What’s at stake for the heroes?
  3. Who or what opposes the heroes?
  4. Who else can the heroes interact with?
  5. What wondrous thing might the heroes encounter?

And voila, an adventure!


  1. Nice job! Trying to figure out the motivations for adventuring characters in our Buan Campaign Setting (which shares Hari Ragat's SE Asian inspiration) has been difficult for us - primarily because of the bountiful environment that you have mentioned here. :-) I've been reading a bunch of Filipino epics for our own work, and based from those I can say that you've distilled the primary motivations in many of them with that list of six.

  2. Thanks! I'll be adding more reasons in the Hari Ragat full release. I'll use sub-tables, so roll 1d6 for a main reason, then roll 1d6 for details to back that up.

    In a way I think I have it a bit easier than designing for D&D, because I don't have to look at reasons for a wide range of character types. Hari Ragat is a game about the class we'd call Maharlika or Datu in a Philippine setting, just as Pendragon was about the knightly class in Dark Ages Britain.


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