March 21, 2011

Creatures of Syrene: Tokayids

The tokayids are a race of small, nonviolent lizardmen that inhabit some of the Perfumed Isles.  Like all lizardmen, the tokayids are products of ssathra breeding and mutation magic, but judging from their inoffensive nature, they must be a failed experiment from the ssathra point of view.  Tokayids stand no more than three feet tall, with a very thin build, large splayed hands and toes, a long tail, and very large round eyes on their snub-snouted lizard heads.  Their scales are mottled in subtle brown hues that let them blend easily into jungle, making them very hard to see when they are in the trees.  They eat fruit and small animals, which they stalk and bring down with just their hands and teeth, and if endangered they can spit globs of nauseating mucus. 

Over the years, the gentle nature of the tokayids has won them friendship with the inhabitants of some islands.  In Malacaria and Kanga, tokayids are often seen as servants and helpers in the fields and orchards.  However, they are known for a propensity to theft, as they love to steal and hide shiny objects; it is said that only male tokayids do this, and it may have to do with their mating instincts.  Wild tokayids are also known to steal chickens and other small livestock, but never prey on humans.  The only time tokayids become a danger to man is when they fall under the spell of a ssathra or skinmasker, who can magically command any reptile to do their bidding.  The Malacarians and Kangans of course have no knowledge of this aspect of their friendly servants.

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