March 21, 2011

Creatures of Syrene: Ssathra

The ssathra are the wisest and probably the most evil of the children of Seshana, cunning and malicious lurkers in secret places who are always planning the downfall of man.  They were defeated in their last attempt to war openly against mankind, however, and so exist only in small, hidden colonies on uninhabited islands and remote places, usually underground. Some live in caves that can only be entered from the sea.

The ssathra themselves are a physically unprepossessing race, being quite weak and delicate.  They have the form of a scaly humanoid with snakelike head from the waist up, and the tail  of a serpent from the waist down.  They are thin and very pale in complexion, with the red eyes of albinos.  If pressed to fight, they defend themselves with rope darts and serrated sabers, or with claws and teeth and a constricting attack.   However, they cannot stand strong sunlight.  The barbed rope dart used by the ssathra warriors can capture an opponent and drag him into the ssathra’s reach, often to be overwhelmed by a whole gang of ssathra warriors.

The ssathra are masters of creating magical hybrids and mutations, and they take a horrible delight in capturing humans for their unholy experiments.  Many kinds of giant reptile as well as reef devils, tyrogs, skinmaskers and lamias are ssathra creations, and some of these will always be present as guardians at a ssathra lair.  All ssathra possess an innate power over all reptiles; lesser ssathra can always pacify any reptile, while ssathra sorcerers can actually command any reptile to do their bidding.

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