March 25, 2011

Creatures of Syrene: Red Apes

Red apes are man-size carnivorous apes that relish human flesh and will even fatten human captives for later feasts.  Red apes stand about 5.5 feet tall, but are much broader and stockier than humans; their arms are proportionately longer, and their posture is hunched, with large swag bellies.  Very dark crimson fur covers their bodies and limbs, but their faces are naked, marked by large round eyes and heavy jaws full of sharp teeth.  They live in tribes led by the largest, strongest males, or bulls.

Red apes are good climbers and swimmers, faster and more powerful than humans in any environment, and usually kill their victims by strangling with their big hands.  They usually hunt at night, surrounding and rushing shore encampments, or sometimes even swim out to board anchored ships to drag away a few captives.  Within their forest lairs, the red apes may feed their victims with a drugged root that deadens the mind but stimulates constant eating. The victims fattened thus are slaughtered and eaten whenever the tribe’s leader desires, which may be within days or not for years.

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