March 23, 2011

Creatures of Syrene: Lamia

Lamias are hybrids bred by the ssathra for the destruction of human sailors and fishermen, using captured human women.  A lamia has the form of an extraordinarily beautiful woman from the waist up, and a scaly serpent from the waist down.   They live in colonies of 3-6 or so, choosing always rocky shallows near an island, and some colonies have a larger, more powerful lamia queen ruling them. 

Their voices are magically alluring, and they use songs to lure sailors and fishermen to the rocks where their vessels break up, whereupon the lamias come out and seize the floundering men to devour them.  Their enchantment however does not work on women.  When forced to fight, lamias attack with claws. Sometimes the lamias are used by ssathra as living lures to capture humans for their vile experiments.

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