March 30, 2011

Creatures of Syrene: Fire Apes

The fire apes of the Axuman jungles are dreaded by all Axuman tribes for their cunning, ferocity, and taste for human flesh.  Standing as high as eight feet tall when they walk erect, fire apes are incredibly strong and are intelligent enough to use fire and make themselves fire-hardened weapons like spears and clubs. 

Fire apes normally live hidden in the deep jungle, but from time to time sally out in small bands to steal cattle and take human captives for devouring in their lairs.  They have even been known to set a village on fire in order to force its inhabitants out so they can catch the fleeing villagers. Fire apes look very gorilla-like, save for having longer legs that let them walk upright better; from afar, they can be indistinguishable from the peaceful gorilla.


  1. actually taken from south american folklore. a tribe of indians is said to have exterminated a species of monkey that learned to use fire.


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