March 22, 2011

Creatures of Syrene: Diminun

Islander legendry is rife with conflicting tales of “Little People,” or Diminun, manlike supernatural tricksters who can bedevil folk with theft, bad luck, rotting crops, and disease unless placated with offerings of food.  It is said the Diminun will often kidnap a child to play with, and if pleased, will release the child a few days later with no memories of the event and a gift.  Other accounts, however, portray them as ferocious cannibals.  It is believed however that they have either left or been forced out of the oldest-settled islands, but may still be active in Nava Langra, the Almaryans and other relatively recent colonies.

The truth: Diminuns are the remnants of the southern islands’ original people, transformed and corrupted by the magic of a rebel deev.  Their minds have been reduced to a retarded, child-like state ruled by emotions, and further warped to give them cannibalistic tendencies, which however manifest only occasionally.   They have the magical power to become invisible and inaudible in shadows or darkness, which has led to them adopting nocturnal habits.  They live as primitive hunter-gatherers, without any tools or weapons, but often steal food and any objects that take their fancy from human villages and encampments.  If angered they can inflict curses of ill-luck and ill-health, or even attack en masse with thrown rocks.

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