September 30, 2010

Hari Ragat: Sorcerers & Taint

I’m still wrestling with the specifics of how Taint is acquired and recorded in Hari Ragat, but now there’s another thing I want to do with it: use it as fuel for sorcery.

I’m particularly fascinated by the ideas of the mambabarang, a sorcerer who can magically implant insects in the bodies of his victims, and the dukun, who in some stories can create necromantic servants called toyol out of dead fetuses.

The idea of the evil sorcerer in Hari Ragat is that this is a person who deliberately engages in spiritually polluting acts to gain power.  The more Tainted he is, the greater the Taint he can spread in the world, which in turn gains him more power in society through fear.

Just how this is going to work, I’m not quite sure yet. It may get confusing to keep track of Baraka and Taint separately. Hm, the devil is really in the details ….

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