September 15, 2010

Gondwane: People & Places 2

Mottled Folk

The Mottled Folk all live along the desolate Bonestrands, which abuts the Knifewind Desert. No large land predators menace them here, but there is hardly any game either thus their reliance on the sea. Why should adventurers visit this place? Because it's said some Ancient cities lie here. They do. But they're underwater now.

Crab People

  • A small tribe of coastal hunter-gatherers who have found a trove of Ancient arms and armor
  • Now almost-invulnerable, Crab warriors have dominated the Lizard and Stonefish people
  • Regularly sacrifice slaves to a giant crab god
  • Belong to the Mottled Folk race, a race of humans from a previous experiment with dark, mottled skins

Lizard People

  • A small tribe of coastal hunter-gatherers
  • Specialize in hunting giant marine iguanas
  • Now slaves of the Crab People
  • Worship pliosaurs
  • Belong to the Mottled Folk race, a race of humans from a previous experiment with dark, mottled skins

Stonefish People

  • A small tribe of coastal hunter-gatherers
  • Fight using spears poisoned with stonefish venom
  • Used to be feared raiders
  • Now slaves of the Crab People
  • Worship a stonefish death-god
  • Belong to the Mottled Folk race, a race of humans from a previous experiment with dark, mottled skins

Shark People

  • A small tribe of coastal hunter-gatherers
  • Worship sharks
  • Fight with shark-tooth weapons
  • Cannibals
  • Perennially at war with the Crab People


  • Neanderthals
  • Even more savage than the Hargath
  • Appetite for human flesh
  • Migratory hunters, traveling in surprisingly large tribes
  • Hunt in massive game drives that surround prey and trap them in canyons, etc.
  • Use similar tactics vs. human settlements

Modern Man

  • Kidnapped by the Shapers from across time
  • Usually appear on Gondwane naked and unarmed, but sometimes the demons bring back fully equipped wanderers
  • So YES, you just might be able to traipse around Gondwane carrying a broadsword and an Automag .44 ...

Cannibal Princes of Xavathor

  • Remnants of a former experiment
  • Appear as normal humans, save their irises are dark red and their teeth are sharp carnivore teeth
  • Carnivores who lust after human flesh
  • The former ruling class of Xavathor
  • All males style themselves as Princes
  • Now served entirely by a slave race of half-intelligent apemen

Apemen of Xavathor

  • Sub-intelligent apemen, short in stature, kept as domestic animals
  • Growing very rapidly in intelligence
  • Cunning thieves
  • Generally non-violent
  • But very acquisitive and curious
  • Able to speak broken Xavathorian


  • A kingdom dominating the Inland Sea
  • Known as the Corsair Kingdom
  • Its wealth and power are founded on successful piracy, mostly vs. Tartesh
  • Worship Astaris - most of Alshardan's nobles are descended from Tarteshian exiles


  • A kingdom by the Inland Sea
  • Worship the Dragon-Bird - a monster created by the Shapers
  • The Dragon-Bird lives on a mountain peak near Ornathor
  • It is regularly brought food from the city
  • Bitter foes of Alshardan
  • Rulers and nobles wear feathered capes, and soldiers wear helmets shaped like lizardbird heads, with plumes


  • A vanished people renowned for their smithcraft
  • Goffannen-made blades are renowned throughout Gondwane


  • A crumbling city beside the Inland Sea
  • Rebelled against their god
  • City walls destroyed when its living god, Thallos the Bronze God went on rampage against it
  • The Theriandorites eventually killed Thallos using Ancient technology
  • Watchers then directed a campaign to punish Theriandor
  • Theriandor now considered accursed


  • 'Queen of the Inland Sea'
  • Disputes dominance of the Inland Sea with Alshardan
  • But is seen as more highly cultured than Alshardan
  • Known as the Purple Kingdom from the purple-dyed sails of its galleys
  • Produces a purple dye from freshwater snails
  • Worship the goddess Astaris, whose oracle is in the main temple of Alshardan city
  • Astaris' oracle is of course a Shaper artifact
  • Annual sacrifice of children taken from neighboring peoples to Baal-Maloch, the Worm God
  • Baal-Maloch is another living deity, imprisoned underneath Tartesh but with strong psychic influence on his priests
  • Trapped there when Tartesh was conquered by its current rulers, who supplanted his worship with that of Astaris


  • A city that survived the Scouring, hidden in the mountains
  • Its people live in deathly fear of being found
  • All strangers who chance upon the city are killed
  • A repository of lost Ancient technology
  • Including a spaceship? And beam weapons!
  • The people of Ankyros don't know how to use them - they are descended from the Ancients' slaves


  • An Ancient city devastated by civil war between its castes
  • Three-way war between the warrior, priest, and engineer castes
  • The priests and engineers were wiped out, leaving remnants of the warrior and laborer castes to survive
  • Ghormyr but a shadow of its former glory
  • The entire city of Ghormyr is one great machine!


  • An Ancient city whose water has become contaminated by mutative substances
  • Its crumbling structures are inhabited almost entirely by miserable, savage mutants
  • However an enclave of The Pureblooded still hold out in one quarter of the city
  • Constant state of guerilla warfare between Pureblooded and mutant
  • The joke is, the Pureblooded are mutants too - for they have horns!
  • Only an outsider will be able to tell the Pureblooded this, for they believe they have always had horns


  • An Ancient city whose immortal, psychic lords idle the centuries away in drugged dreams
  • The lords are served by androids who can receive commands from them telepathically
  • When strangers happen to pass by the city, the lords set psychic traps for them to lure them inside
  • Any who enter the city are captured by the androids for the sadistic sport of the lords
  • The lords force captives to join them in their dreams, and there kill them in grisly fantastical ways


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