July 13, 2010

Project: Sea Rovers of Syrene

Hear my tales, O wanderer, of voyages across tropical seas the colors of sapphire and jade, to mysterious jungle-covered islands haunted by unseen guardians … of battles with dragons, feasts in underwater cities, and wild magical creatures only sorcerers can tame … tales of veiled princesses in alabaster palaces, of kings magnificent or mad, and of the dauntless mariners called the Sea Rovers of Syrene.

Sea Rovers of Syrene is a role playing game of swashbuckling adventure and exploration set in an exotic fantasy world called Syrene. You play a sea rover - part trader, part pirate - questing far across the oceans for the rarest merchandise but always ready for the joy of a treasure hunt or a rousing good fight. There is fame and fortune to be won, and it is not unheard of for sea rovers to retire with their own kingdoms.

The game draws much of its inspiration from the seafaring tales of the Thousand and One Nights such as the adventures of Sinbad, specially their Hollywood adaptations, plus other Asian mythologies and tales, and a light twist of Japanese anime.

I’m planning to eventually release this game through Lulu and/or RPGNow. The text is done, the system under some minor revision, and all I need are illustrations.

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