July 13, 2010

Project: Remnant Saga

Filling the skies with a sinister droning, immense alien war machines float over stretches of scorched and barren land. Robot troops march droves of haggard refugees into teeming, reeking warrens walled with steel.

In the rusting hulks of once-magnificent cities, tribes of devolved cannibals prowl and fight over their human prey. Living their entire lives in furtive secrecy, a few bands of free humans eke out a bare existence as hunter-gatherers, scavenge junk to trade, or simply steal from those weaker than themselves.

Welcome to the world of Remnant Saga, a science-fantasy RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world that has been invaded and occupied by a powerful alien civilization.

In Remnant Saga, you play one of the remaining free humans of the planet Weyler, trying to survive in a broken world and hang on to your precious freedom. The game was inspired in large part by the art and stories of manga creator Johji Manabe.

You will find yourself fighting against Reavers, free humans like yourself who live entirely by pillage; against the tyrannical Doletown Lords and their flunkies, who have sold out to the alien invader; against all sorts of mutated monsters, such as the once-human Morlocks; and against the powerful Bioroids sent by the invader.

You might even be an Esper, one of the extremely rare humans born with a mental power such as telepathy or psychokinesis. Espers are hunted by the aliens and their servants, but perhaps possessed of the power to fight the invader as no normal human can.

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