July 13, 2010

Project: Hari Ragat

A long long time ago, our people fled from a mad king’s wrath. Following the promise of a land where we could be free, our ancestors sailed west for week upon week until they sighted these islands. Overcome with joy, they landed on the glittering white sand, marvelling at the lushness of the jungle just beyond the shore. Parties of warriors were sent to hunt for meat, so that a feast and sacrifice could be offered to the gods. Soon they returned, one after another, laden with fat deer and wild boars; save for one band.

As the smoke of the cooking fires rose into the evening sky, there was a horrible roar from the forest, and out of the trees burst a giant with the maned head of a lion, great ram’s horns curling down to his jaws, his teeth dripping with the blood of our brave hunters. The people scattered in all directions but still the giant snatched up and devoured many. Then did your ancestor Laguyen, son of the god Maragayon, step forth, and putting all the power of his great spirit into his spear he did battle with the pitiless foe …

Welcome to Hari Ragat, a game of epic heroes set in a mythic world of lush and mysterious tropical islands populated by giants, dragons, guardian spirits and demonic beings. Hari Ragat is inspired by the myths and legends of the Southeast Asian archipelagoes. The game is played using the Vivid System.

In Hari Ragat, you will play a hero of the Vijadesan people; you must protect them from threats both human and supernatural, help them survive, and explore the isles in search of treasure and magic.

Your hero is no ordinary mortal, but a descendant of the gods, able to perform incredible feats of might and magic by expending Baraka, spiritual power, to fuel the body through amazing stunts or to cast spells. There are heroes whose spears return to their hands after throwing, heroes who can leap across a strait between islands, or call a storm to fill their sails at need.

However Baraka is not free; it must be earned. Baraka is gained by taking the heads of mighty foes, performing austerities for the spirits, killing and eating the flesh of magical beasts, and obtaining magical treasures.

Heroes must also compete for Karangalan, honor and prestige, which proves their worth before the gods. Karangalan is vital to gaining status in Vijadesan society, and more importantly it is what allows a hero to gain greater wealth and followers. Karangalan is won performing great deeds, zealously defending one’s honor, getting married into an honorable family, and throwing feasts and sacrifices for the community.

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