July 13, 2010

Hari Ragat Games is born!

Hello! Today marks the start of my new blog, and the crystallization of my game design goals.  With the demise of my old blog, which got hacked, I’ve decided to relaunch my gaming and F&SF blogging with a new and more directed blog.

First design goal: I want to fill a niche for Asian-themed RPG’s. As a Filipino I’m in a unique position to do this – it’s easy for me to write in English, the language most of the gaming market uses, and I have that connection to the culture and milieu that I want to write about. It’s about time to break the pattern of ‘Asia ends at Japan and China’ in mainstream RPG’s.

Second design goal: Monetize the hobby.  Actually, I’m there already with a project I have for Polymancer Studios in Canada.  Top-secret for now, but you can guess that it’s not going to be set in the typical Medieval European mishmash type of milieu.  :-)

Third design goal: I’m working to finalize my Vivid RPG system, which I plan to be the vehicle for most of my game designs.  

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